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About Metatrone

General information about Metatrone NFT DeFi platform
Metatrone is the world's first DeFi NFT platform. Our mission is to become the #1 NFT Marketplace on the Harmony network by offering the best user experience for creators, and the collectors who support them. We are a team of creatives, gamers, artists, programmers, and dreamers with a passion for blockchain, big ideas, and challenging the status quo.
$MET TOKEN ADDRESS: 0x725553bc9Aa0939362671407dfDEb162DD37d168
MARKET PLACE ADDRESS: 0x4a03249d79eebd36b2b5240a9c0a86942ef29053


Metatrone makes it easy for artist's to publish their works on the blockchain so that their customers can buy with confidence, and fully understand the piece's provenance. Our marketplace makes it easy to connect with customers, and our DeFi innovations, including the NFT LP model, offers their collections a competitive advantage in the growing NFT market. Whether you're focused on creating 1/1s or a collection of 10000 pfps, there's no better place to publish on the Harmony Blockchain.


Metatrone's marketplace makes the experience of finding and purchasing NFT's a joy. Our robust marketplace allows users to discover new artists and grow their NFT collection with confidence. Our DeFi innovations solve one of the biggest problems in NFT collecting, lack of liquidity. Our NFT LP model ensure's there is always a liquid floor price, allowing users to collect with confidence, knowing they can easily sell their NFT for the LP floor price if the need ever arises.

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