MetaPunks NFT LP

Proof of concept for NFT 2.0 smart contract that allow author to create liqudity pool for auto-buy out.

The first-ever NFT with a liquidity pool

Only 300 Metapunks by Metatrone NFT DeFi platform! With this new collection, we are solving one of the biggest drawbacks of the NFT space - lack of liquidity. By integrating a liquidity pool into the collection we ensure a fully liquid floor price. The collection was generated with the weights and biases of the machine learning genetic algorithm.

What people think about MetaPunks

insane tbh, love how it's appealing both for people looking to make cash (by waiting until price floor rises and instant liquidity) and artsy ones
Metapunk Owner
Yeah, I really think y'all are on to something with this LP model. And the Metapunks themselves are just so damn cool. I think these are going to significantly go up in value as Metatr.one continues to grow.

How it works

Floor price

100% of minting fees go to Metapunk NFT LP.
Minting price is the floor price.
You can mint if at least 1 item is available.
Fee increases by 100 $MET per mint.
Mint and burn
Mint price is floor price
If burned you get floor price minus 1000 $MET
If burned MetaPunk goes back to mint

Metapunks roadmap

  • 300 MetaPunks
  • 175 MetaPunks Q1
  • 175 MetaPunks Q2
  • 175 MetaPunks Q3
  • 175 MetaPunks Q4
  • MetaPunks DAO