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What networks are supported? At the moment we support only the Harmony network. [New networks in Q3-Q4]
How to list NFT
To list NFT you have to have it in your wallet (only Metamask supported atm) NFTs stay in your wallet when you list them for sale on Same NFT could be listed on diffent platforms at the same time.
All transactions on Metatrone are P2P, and no NFTs are locked in the smart contract at any stage.
How much does it cost to mint?
Mint is 100% free, and will always be free.
How to take NFT of sale?
Set price to 0, and NFT will be off sale
How do I create a collection?
You can create a new collection by clicking your profile at top right corner. After the collection is created you will be able to mint inside the collection.
Can I list NFTs I've already minted?
You can import any NFTs that you own to the platform, it will be automatically allocated to the corresponding collection if it already exists on Metatrone. if the collection does not exist, Metatrone will create it automatically.
  • Login with Metamask (Harmony One Wallet Q2)
  • Click import
  • Add your collection address
  • Add token ID (this can be found on explorer)
  • Click import
  • NFT will be automatically added to an existing collection or created if it's the first of the collection on Metatrone.
  • Imported NFTs will be in your dashboard
  • Now you can list your NFTs for sale. Keep in mind that Import is not a transaction, before you sold NFT it always remains in your wallet. [Not sure what this means, in step 6 we say import and confirm a transaction, but here it says import is not a transaction]
Now you can list your NFTs for sale. Keep in mind that Import is not a transaction, before you sold NFT it always remains in your wallet.
I already have a collection / imported
You can import any NFTs collection that you own to the platform, just import NFT and the collection will be created automatically
Why cant I Import my collection?
If you get the message that the collection is on the blacklist, it means that the collection has been struck for copyright infringement or a collection with the same ID already exists on Metatrone. You should consider doing private collection instead of minting on public domain.
Can I sell my NFT even if it is listed somewhere else? Yes! You can list NFTs on multiple marketplaces for different prices, if it is sold in one place, it will be delisted everywhere else since you no longer own it. Import is not a transaction, before you sold NFT it always remains on your wallet.
What is my Collection Rating? A collections rating is based on a number of factors including volume traded and traffic to the collection page. You can also increase your collection rating by -
  • Add link your social profiles
  • Be active
  • Promote your collection
IPFS support
Interplanetary File System, IPFS for short, is a file system that allows you to store files and track versions over time, much like Git for development. It keeps track of them on a distributed network, somewhat like BitTorrent. This storage system allows direct interaction through a secure and global P2P network. By combining these two properties, IPFS enables a permanent new web and augments the way we use existing internet protocols like HTTP. This ensures that your NFTs will always be available as long as IPFS exists.
I minted/imported but nothing happened
No need to panic. Harmony blockchain sometimes has delays or gas prices do not match. We recommend looking at explore or in your wallet and finding the status of the latest transaction and checking your NFTs, and sometimes waiting up to 10 minutes before it will appear. On rare occasions the harmony network has halted, you can check the status of the harmony network here:
How platform can sustainably function
The platform has a commission of 5% for any purchase made in $ONE tokens and 0% for MET. 100% of funds go to purchase $MET from the market and allocate to LP staking reward.
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