MET Token

With every trade small amount of $MET token is purchased from the market. This drives the price up.

Metatrone native token $MET for short is used to share platform commission with users. The 5% market fee for purchasing NFTs via the metatrone marketplace is partitioned into 3 main parts. Firstly, 1.5% of the $ONE from the fee is used to purchase back our native $MET token which is then deposited into the buyer’s account. So, for frequent NFT buyers, such a cashback option provides them with lower fees while giving them the ability to invest in the fastest growing NFT platform in the Harmony ecosystem.
Then, 2% of the $ONE from the fee is used to purchase back our native $MET token which is then deposited into Liquidity Providers as a reward once it goes live by the end of the month. Stay tuned to get more details about the LP reward contract. People who provide liquidity for our platform will have the ability to earn based on NFT sales volume. Investors in Metatrone will now have the option to capitalize on increased NFT sales in a way that was previously not possible on other platforms.
Finally, 1.5% cashback is given to the seller of the NFT.
The cashback mechanism incentivizes both buyers and sellers to use the Metatrone marketplace in addition to profit-sharing mechanics driven by LP provider rewards that will be live in Q2/22.

Trade $MET

$MET is officialy listed and available for trade on Sushi [buy] [analytics]

Track $MET

You can track $MET on following websites

How to buy $ONE

Step 1. Getting ONE
In order to purchase metatr.one you need to get ahold of some ONE. You can do that on Binance, KuCoin, Huobi Global and some other exchanges.
Step 2. Adjust Metamask
Viperswap works like many web3.0 applications. You connect your wallet and you’re ready to go. So, to use Viperswap, we first need to move funds into a wallet. First, you need to add the Harmony Mainnet to your MetaMask account. This is done easily enough by following the instructions provided by Harmony here.
Step 3. Transfer ONE to Metamask
Once you’ve created the account, copy the “0x” address from MetaMask and head to the Harmony blockchain explorer (https://explorer.harmony.one/#/). Search your 0x address, and you’ll find your one1 address. Not super hard, but not exactly intuitive, either.
With your one1 wallet address, you can withdraw your ONE tokens from Binance just as you would any other token.
Step 4. Purchasing MET
MET is purchased on SushiSwap. Use these links to automatically configure the UI to trade ONE for MET.
Voila! You have finally bought MET!
If you run into any issues please get in touch with our CM:s in our official group on Telegram or on Discord :)
Last modified 1yr ago